A Picture Is Worth...

June 11th 2019 Mark Brooks

"A picture is worth a thousand words."  You have heard that old saying all your life, right?  As a generosity coach, I think of it this way, "A picture has the potential of raising thousands of dollars!"  Hey, somebody has to think about helping you make a budget!

How can one picture help a church raise thousands of dollars?  That is what this post will show you. This post is actually an expansion of a previous post I wrote, "How Do You Increase Giving in the Summer."

In that post, I told the story of being on a training call with Amy McCollum, OnlineGiving.org’s Head of Operations.  She showed a church how they could set up a designated giving page with information and a picture. As she was sharing that my mind was racing with ideas of how a picture could capture the essence of why a church was asking for money for that mission or ministry initiative.

Pictures are one of the key tools non-profits use to capture the essence of what they are doing and to tug at your heart to gain a gift from you for their cause.  Spend some time looking at non-profit sites and you will see what I mean.

What picture could summarize your next appeal?  I have started planting that idea in the minds of the churches I work with.  I want to challenge you to think about that as well. While you are thinking about that let’s talk about how to use that picture with Online Giving’s tools.  

I interviewed Amy McCollum about how to do this.  Here is my interview…


Amy, the other day on a training call you walked a church through how to set up a page for a designated gift.  I jokingly posted on a blog that if a church was raising funds for VBS they ought to post a picture of a three-year-old.  I would then post something like, "Your gift NOW helps us invest in our future!" Can you walk us through how to do that?


"Sure thing Mark...

First, you start by setting up a "Fund" in your OnlineGiving.org Admin Console.  A Fund is simply a place for the donations to be designated to. Once the Fund is setup you are ready to Create your new Giving Page.  This part is just as easy as the first step. However, it is important that you have thought ahead of time about how you are going to communicate on this page.  

Once you have your image and any brief message text that you want to include you simply save the page and the page can immediately be used by your church.  You can adjust any settings to control when and how to share the link for that page and the option of posting a navigation link to it on your main giving page.

And that is really all there is to it! In less than 5 minutes you can have a powerful tool where your church body can get involved in giving to all that God is doing in your church.”


That sounds easy but what if I get stuck and need help?  I don’t want to mess up our site!


You won’t mess up your site!  But, if you need help you simply need to reach out to us and let us know by contacting our first class support team.  Additionally, let us know if you would like to have a walkthrough on how to set this up.


Thanks Amy.  Friends, try this out!  If it works for non-profits I can guarantee you it will work for you.  What picture is worth a thousand dollars for your church?

Written by Mark Brooks 
The Stewardship Coach 
Acts 17 Generosity