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February 25th 2016 Online Giving

Online Giving is an industry leading giving platform designed for Christian churches and ministries. To get started with Online Giving you'll need to first sign-up for a monthly software package. To get started please visit our pricing sign-up page and select the monthly package that works best for your church or ministry. Plans start as low as $15 /mo and increase based on features and donation volume. Churches with larger donation volume will want to start with at least the $30 monthly package to take advantage of lower processing rates and ChMS direct integration. 

We've love to chat more about your digital giving needs/requirements. For assistance picking a plan or to simply chat about Online Giving please give us a call (615) 406-4000

Getting Started with Online Giving

  • How to View Pricing and Plan Features
  • How to Sign Up for Online Giving
  • What Happens After Sign-Up (Account Provisioning)

How to Sign Up for Online Giving

  1. Visit pricing and sign-up page
  2. Select monthly plan to review features included
  3. Scroll down to view sign-up form and included features for select plan
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 above to review different plans

How to Sign Up for Online Giving

  1. Visit pricing and sign-up page
  2. Select monthly plan to review features included
  3. Complete sign-up form under directed plan
  4. Click "Sign Up" to complete sign-up

How to Select a Monthly Plan:

Ready to sign-up? Click here to select your monthly plan.

Review Monthly Plan Features and Sign-Up for Selected Plan:

Ready to sign-up? Click here to select your monthly plan.

What Happens After Sign-Up (Account Provisioning)

Upon submitting a sign-up request Online Giving will confirm your order and send a notification to our support staff for account review and provisioning. We'll promptly review the order to ensure the correct plan was selected and to verify the church/ministry. At the same time, our IT staff starts working on provisioning your new giving website based on your church website logo, color scheme, campuses and funds/sub-funds. Unlike some other giving platforms, Online Giving provisions a giving website that is dedicated entirely to your church/ministry.

Account provisioning for the giving website is always completed within 24/48 business hours of sign-up (Monday - Friday). Once your new giving website is ready we'll send out a welcome email with detailed instructions on how to access your new giving website and control panel. For $15 plans we'll also include instructions for setting up your bank information for accepting donations and deposits. For $30+ plans an account manager will give you a call to start a merchant account application for accepting card and electronic check (ACH) donations. 

Online Giving offers a pay-as-you-go net deposit merchant account plan for $15 sign-ups which is ideal for small ministries looking for instant (same day) access to accepting donations. Churches expecting digital giving volume over $5,000 typically want to sign-up for a $30+ plan which gives them access to a full merchant account with a custom rate quote. Full merchant accounts are preferred by larger churches as they offer lower merchant processing rates and end-of-month billing for easier accounting. 

Don't know which plan to choose? Got Questions? Contact us today at (615) 406-4000.