Online Giving is the Key to Younger Donors

July 11th 2019 Mark Brooks

Online Giving is the Key to Younger Donors

If you want to build out the next generation of givers to your church, you must have an online strategy. Relentless Church, an client, understands this well seeing over 60% of their giving coming in via text giving. "Raise up Your Phone!" That is the appeal at every offering time at Relentless Church in Greensville, SC.

Their offering strategy is Mobile First. Robert Cuyar Relentless Church’s IT Director said -

"Our pastor was interested in attracting younger generations. If you are inviting that culture into your church, you need to let go of some things and embrace others. What began as a concept to reach younger generations has now morphed across our entire church culture. The age group now that most use text giving is between 35 and 45." - Robert Cuyar, IT Director of Relentless Church

Wise churches are learning that if you depend solely upon the traditional offering plate, you are probably missing a chance to connect with younger generations of believers. Several recent studies are showing the importance of online giving when it comes to attracting younger generations.

62% of Millennials prefer to give online while Gen Xers prefer online giving by 50%. That was the findings of a study done by the Dunham + Company. Their study found that overall Evangelicals prefer online giving by 40% as opposed to 32% who favor giving by check or through the mail. The study found that "the younger the generation, the more likely they are to give online." 

Rick Dunham, the president of Dunham + Company, summed it up well by saying -

"Once again, the data demonstrates how vital it is for churches to not only facilitate online giving but to ensure congregates know how to give online. If the plurality of congregants are saying they prefer to give online, churches need to promote and encourage that every week." - Rick Dunham, Dunham + Company

Another study was done by the Barna Group entitled, "Why the Generations Approach Generosity Differently," unearthed interesting facts about how the various generations are motivated to give. The study uncovered that younger generations are almost five times more likely than Boomers and Elders to say their financial giving experiences were spontaneous rather than planned. The study stated, "Roughly one-third of Gen Z (35%) and Millennial (32%) practicing Christians characterizes their recent giving as completely spontaneous."

Again, here is proof positive that to build the next generation of donors, we need to provide them the ability to give quickly and spontaneously. Offering text giving is one easy way to allow for spontaneous response to an appeal to give. Why is text giving so important?

The Pew Research Center provides an answer in a recent study they did. They discovered that more than 5 billion people have mobile devices, with half of those being smartphones. 81% of Americans have a smartphone, and as a result, text giving is literally available right in your donor’s hands. 

Robert Cuyar stated, "We introduced text giving with a campaign similar to a popular Staples Ad where people would hit a button and say, "OK, that was easy!" That was the start of our video explaining text giving. We wanted to give our members a better easier way of giving. That became our slogan."

Cuyar had this to say about, "I give them credit because their tool is simple yet robust enough so that our members trust it and use it. You have to have both the right concept, making it easy for people to give. And the right tool, in our case, our partnership with"

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Written by Mark Brooks 
The Stewardship Coach 
Acts 17 Generosity