Introducing the Online Giving Task Manager

November 4th 2016 Online Giving

We're pleased to announce our new task manager feature in the Online Giving church control panel. The new task manager is designed to assist in notifying administrators of possible tasks that may need to be performed in external church management systems in regards to all things Online Giving. Tasks are automaticly generated by actions performed by administrators using the Online Giving control panel.

Below you will find an annotated screenshot example of the new task manager. In the event a task is created by Online Giving the administrator will be displayed a notification count in the control panel shown in orange. Administrators can then review the generated tasks and reassign them a priority and status. The priority feature allows the administrator to optionally set a task priority level of urgent to low. The status feature allows the administrator to update the task from new to archived for maximum flexibility. 

An example of one such notification may be when an administrator performs a refund on a donation in the Online Giving control panel. Although our integrations are automated, refunds require manual ChMS review to prevent data loss. The action of performing a refund will trigger a task notification to the administrator to review the donation record in their Church Management System. For example a external record may need removed or edited to reflect the refund. The goal of the new tasks is to assist in reminding administrators of possible external tasks that may need to be completed to ensure accurate records.

If you have yet to sign up for Online Giving please contact us today. We would love the opportunity to schedule a product walk through with your staff members.  

Preview of the new Online Giving Task Manager: