Updates to our Ministry Platform Integration

March 4th 2016 Online Giving

We're pleased to announce further enhancements to our Ministry Platform direct integration with Online Giving for Feb 3rd 2016. If you are a Ministry Platform church that hasn't signed up for Online Giving please contact us today. We would love the opportunity to schedule a product walk through with your staff members.

Think Ministry Online Giving Integration Update

Our Ministry Platform integration is designed to be fully automated and includes automated donor matching, donation recording, donation distribution record and much more. Online Giving is the first and currently only giving service provider that offers a very high level of direct integration with Ministry Platform.  Should you require the full details of our integration please do not hesitate to contact us today. In this article we're going to overview some of the recent enhancements to our direct integration with Ministry Platform.

Single Sign On with the MP Portal:

We are pleased to announce a new feature that allows single sign on from the MP portal to Online Giving. MP portal users who are signed in can now go directly to the giving form from a link in your MP portal navigation. Currently Online Giving is the first and only giving service provider to offer this level of integration. You asked for it and we promptly delivered. The update is very simple to implement and only requires adding a MP portal skin tag to your MP skin. Don't know how to update your MP portal skin? Contact us today as we shall be happy to assist you.

Embedded Giving with the MP Portal:

We are pleased to announce both embedded giving and the combination of embedded giving with MP portal single sign on. It is now possible to seamlessly and easily embed Online Giving directly into your MP portal website so your donors do not have to leave your website to make a donation. The donation pages are designed to fit into your existing MP portal template and appear seamlessly part of your page. Using our new custom embed tag you can now add online giving to your MP portal website in under 15 mins with a simple MP skin update. Contact us today for a how to video and/or to schedule our update service for your MP portal website. 

Embedded giving allows the freedom to MP churches who wish to have online giving directly on their website. Our secure giving system embedded directly into your MP portal website with your sign-in/registration pages. Online Giving is the first and only giving service provider to offer such level of integration with Ministry Platform. You asked for it and we promptly delivered. Don't want to embed? No worries, this feature is optional and only recommended for churches who maintain an active SSL certificate and offer a responsive website template for an optimal mobile giving experience. We still recommend using direct linking for almost all cases. But the freedom of choice is yours! 

Upgrades to MP Contact Creation:

  • MP Contact creation moved after first donation to allow for address information to be present.
  • MP Contact creation now creates, contact, user, household, participant and address records.
  • Households are now created with "head" position and participants are now recorded as "active".

Addition of Address Updating:

  • Address information is now pushed to MP in the event the matched contact does not contain an existing address.
  • When creating a new contact address information is now created for the new household. 
  • We now optionally have the ability to push address updates for donors that will overwrite address information at MP (enabled upon request only). 

Upgrades to MP Donation Distributions:

  • We now optionally have the ability to push Target Event information from the MP program into the donation distribution. 
  • This feature is optional and turned off by default and only enabled upon request.


We look forward to continuing our MP integration with any enhancements that are beneficial to all MP churches. Have a feature idea or need an enhancement? Please contact support today. We shall be happy to review the feature idea and schedule a work order for the upgrade. A big thanks to our wonderful MP churches who continue to give us feedback.