Why Online Giving?

Online Giving is carefully crafted to make giving to your church easy on every device. Our cloud based giving platform is secure and infinitely scalable. Simplistic recurring and scheduled giving that is designed to boost your donation volume independent of weekly attendance. Advanced and automatic donation recording into the most popular church management platforms and exporting into nearly any other. All of the above and more that is affordable and turn key. No contracts. No setup fees. No kiosk fees. Simple monthly billing.

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Feature Overview

Native App Giving

Native mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Integrated social feeds, sermon audio, sermon video, in app giving, analytics, push notification and more. Requires additional monthly native app plan..

Web, Kiosk, Mobile & Text Message Giving

Give via website, swipe kiosk, mobile and text message. Donate as a guest or registered user. Track and view donations in our easy to use control panel.

Easy Secure Payments

We securely vault all payment information for easy future payments no matter the giving method. Rest assured with merchant gateway vaulting that all sensitive data is securely stored off-site.

Simplistic Recurring & Scheduled Gifts

Givers can make recurring and scheduled gifts with ease and flexibility. Online Giving will even prompt to convert one-time payments into recurring. Never pay merchant recurring fees. Unlike other systems, guest donors can also create recurring donations.

Infinitely Scalable

Our software is built on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve 5 billion hours of YouTube video per month and provided storage for 425 million Gmail users. It's global, redundant and cutting-edge which will allow your next giving campaign to scale-up or down without effort.

Free Secure Giving Website

Get your own giving website on our network customized with your logo and colors that is SSL/TLS/HTTPS secure for no additional fee. Church domains follow your website https://mychurch.onlinegiving.org. Online Giving is a turn-key fully managed giving platform. Get your free secure giving website today by sign-up for online giving.

Affordable & Turn Key

We offer multiple affordable monthly plans to meet your giving demands. With the power to start on the lowest plan and automatically bump up if you grow out of it. No contract, no obligation, cancel at any time. Check out pricing and sign-up today for Online Giving.

Church Software Integration

Automatically record donation receipts into Ministry Platform, Fellowship One and Breeze church management systems. Sign-in with Ministry Platform portal credentials and inFellowship credentials. Contact us for more information about our direct integrations.

Exportable Data

Download exported spreadsheets from users to donations directly from the control panel 24/7/365. Search your data and export search results to spreadsheet file. Export giving contributions to nearly all church management systems. Contact us for more information about our direct integrations.

Custom Funds & Sub-Funds

Set custom funds and sub-funds directly from the control panel. Customize your text message giving with keywords for funds.

Generate Giving Links

Generate giving links with pre-selected funds, sub-funds and/or amounts for use on your website directly from the control panel. Use for funding events.

Industry Low Rates

Rates as low as 1.99% + $0.30 for card processing (tiered rates may apply). Electronic check (ACH) rates as low as 0.50% + $0.25. No contracts. Contact us to get your free no obligation rate quote today.

Custom Giving Pages

We understand that sometimes a single giving form for everything is not ideal. Our custom giving pages feature allows you to create custom giving pages dedicated to one or more funds. Churches may find this useful for separating their mission donations into a separate page. We even allow guest giving on custom pages.

Guest Giving

Online Giving allows your donors to give both as a guest and as a signed in user. Guests can make donations without having to register or sign-in. Guests can even create recurring donations and sign-up for text giving. Although we recommend sign-in donations we understand that not all gift destinations need a sign-in.

Embedded Giving

For those churches who don't wish to direct link to their giving website we offer embedded giving. With embedding giving churches may seamlessly add web giving into their website with our secure embed tag. We also support authenticated sessions with embedded giving. Contact us for more information about embedded giving.

Virtual Terminal

Church administrators can easily charge donations to both existing and new donors directly from the Online Giving control panel. The virtual terminal is designed to streamline the process of manually processing gifts for donors for those churches who accept card numbers and otherwise on paper slips.

Express Donations

Express Donations are specifically designed for church web developers who have a need to hand-off a gift with the donor to be returned back to their website for further processing. Using Express Donations allow developers to combine their existing custom applications with a PayPal style hand-off and return.

Recurring Text Giving

Creating recurring gifts isn't just for web donations. Online Giving's advanced platform allows for easy recurring gift creation with text giving. Donors can easily make any text message gift a recurring gift with frequency keywords. Additionally, donors can convert a one-time gift into recurring via text message.

Text Marketing

Our advanced text marketing features allow your church to build (or import) text marketing lists and send out scheduled (one-time or recurring) bulk text message. Churches can setup text marketing keywords to trigger auto response messages and add users to lists. Text marketing works with text giving and allows your church to use a single number for both.

WooCommerce Plugin

Using our advanced cost saving WooCommerce plugin the church can use their Online Giving merchant account in WooCommerce. Our unique WooCommerce Online Giving plugin syncs all of the church WooCommerce card payment information with their donor account at Online Giving allowing the church to have synced tokens and donor information between both systems.

Form Builder

Our advanced visual form builder allows the church to create an unlimited amount of custom forms. Each form can be hidden (for emailing or website linking) or make public on a giving website. Our custom form feature allows endless possibilities of unique form creation with the ability to optionally accept payments on those forms.

Multi-Line Donations

Donors can easily create single donations or multi-line donations. A multi-line donation allows the donor to create a gift to more than one fund in a single transaction. This cost saving feature allows the donor to easily create multiple gifts in a single donation transaction. Multi-line donation support is included on all platforms including kiosk.

Mobile Designer

All of our mobile applications include access to our mobile application designer. Our mobile application designer is an easy to use visual editor for mobile applications. Using the designer your church media staff can easily add and update an unlimited amount of content and even design custom layouts and sub-pages. All done visually in a web base control panel.

Mobile Cloud

We've designed our application with the church in mind. Our advanced mobile application is a native application with the application information located in the Google cloud. The church benefits from a native application located in the world's most popular app stores while having access to change information dynamically.

Automatic Donation Recording

Direct Integraiton with Ministry Platform Direction Integration with FellowshipOne Direct Integration with Breeze Church Manage System
Direct Integration with Rock RMS Direct Integration with Planning Center Online
Direct Integration with DPC&S Incorporated (DP Consulting) Direct Integration with IconCMO Direct Integration with TouchPoint (BVCMS)

Export Donation Recording

ACS ChMS Shelby ChMS PowerChurch ChMS Servant Keeper ChMS Church Windows ChMS
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